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Updated Digital of Nepal

By [email protected] - 13th July 2006 - 20:29

The Nepal Edition has been supplemented with a 3-digit postcode map and with numerous topographical layers, such as lakes, airports and elevations as well as city points.
The Nepal Map Set includes a map showing all 75 three-digit postcode districts. Postal units, such as postcodes, are used in business software, e.g. in a Geographic Information System, to display and analyze customer locations and other address-based corporate data. The finer the territorial subdivision, the more exact the analysis.Also included are maps with administrative divisions, from the top level regions right down to the district level. Digital maps showing administrative boundaries, such as municipalities, are often used to display statistical data such as population figures.The detailed topographical maps also provide important reference points. For example, the density and size of the city points indicate highly populated regions, which are potential sales markets. The more than 200 city points were categorized into four different size classes: the finest unit being cities with a population of 10,000 to 20,000 and the largest is cities with more than 1 million inhabitants. The physical elevation map from Nepal, the highest situated country of the world and home of Mount Everest, is also another important point of reference.Wolfram Scholz, Managing Director at GfK MACON explains: âIt is important for GfK MACON to be able to offer detailed postal and administrative digital maps of the entire world. Expressly also for countries such as Nepal, where there are hardly any other reliable maps available. Our new maps of Nepal are gapless and fit seamlessly to our digital maps of India. These contain a six-digit postcode map, of which we are the sole provider in the world. By regularly updating our global maps, we guarantee our customers a reliable basis for their sales planning. As the worldâs largest supplier of digital postcode maps, weâve set a very high quality standard over the years, which our customers have learned to appreciate and trust.âThe new GfK MACON Nepal Edition, which includes the new postal, topographical and numerous additional administrative maps, is available for immediate delivery.

Author: Christian Reppel

Bio.: Public Relations GfK MACON GmbH

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