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UN Botswana - Expression of Interest

By [email protected] - 15th August 2006 - 08:10

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Botswana is in the process of identifying potential consulting firms for the Development of a national Environmental Information System (EIS).
The consultancy falls under the Government of Botswana - UNDP Environment Support Programme (ESP). This consultancy intends to develop an Environmental Information System which will include the development of a core set of environmental indicators. The system will contain various data sets and environmental indicators which will inform environmental decision-making and will aid in the production of the next State of the Environment Report (SoER).This announcement relates to the Development of a National Environmental Information System (EIS). Detailed documentation is available from The Operations Manager, UNDP-Botswana, #22 Khama Cresent, Gaborone, Botswana. UNDP Botswana invites qualified potential consulting firms to express their interest in providing the above services.The expression of interest should specify “Development of a National Environmental Information System (EIS)” and be received by UNDP Botswana no later than 1700hrs (GMT+2:00), Thursday August 31st, 2006. Electronic submissions will be accepted only in non-editable PDF-version.Only consulting firms able to provide the required services and prevailing from past experiences delivering similar services in the region of destination will be considered.The expression of interest must include the following documentation:- A company profile indicating the number of staff, core areas of expertise and experience, number of years in the consulting business- Certified financial reports for the last three years. These reports in the form of balance sheets will display the annual turnover, annual profit and company’s own capital- Past successful experiences (names of projects, contact persons, country of use) in supplying similar type of consulting services.- Local knowledge or ability to work in the regionThe deadline for invited firms to submit proposals would be advised later. It should be noted that UNDP Botswana is not obliged to invite to participate in the subsequent bidding process any particular potential consulting firm that expressed an interest in this project.Interested potential consulting firms should forward their expression of interest with the above documentation to the following address:The Operations Manager Tel: +267 395 2121Email: [email protected]

Author: Kenae Ramodimoosi

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