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UKHO backing for SeaZone package

By [email protected] - 15th November 2006 - 09:20

SeaZone Solutions rides the crest of a wave as the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) buys the company's groundbreaking software and training package
SeaZone Solutions Ltd, the UKâs leading supplier of marine mapping, has received a massive vote of confidence in its deep water Acoustic Doppler Current Profile (ADCP) processing package, with the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) set to buy two copies of its groundbreaking software and training.The UKHO has a need to process and store considerable quantities of ADCP data that it receives from the vessels of the Royal Navy Hydrographic Service and other sources. After considering a variety of options and thoroughly testing the SeaZone software, the UKHO has opted for SeaZoneâs cutting edge ADCP Processing Suite.Dr Mike Osborne, SeaZoneâs Managing Director commented: âThe UKHOâs decision to purchase SeaZoneâs ADCP Processing Suite is a key milestone in the development of this software. It is a clear recognition that the benefits the package brings to coastal ADCP users are equally applicable in deeper offshore waters. This is an important, ground breaking product that we are continuing to develop to meet the needs of existing and future customers."A significant number of commercial, academic and governmental organisations in the UK, France, Germany, Finland and Australia are already working with SeaZoneâs ADCP technology. The development of the latest version of the Processing Suite delivers what is in effect a unique five dimensional GIS package capable of a wide range of tasks. The suite allows the user to load and edit data, select and interrogate a range of different reference points (horizontal, vertical and relative to high water times) to create outputs that are ideal for reporting and further analysis such as 3D contour plots, transects and tidal diamonds. SeaZone is currently developing a number of important enhancements including a river and estuarine discharge model, support for non-RDI instruments and a complete revamp of the database engine to enable data to be loaded into Oracle and other relational databases. It provides a vital resource in analysing the necessary data to help deliver everything from pipelines, ports and harbours to analysing dredging, water quality and wave studies.SeaZone is working to ensure its ADCP suite is aligned with its other products and provides a complete solution for the processing and display of marine geographic information. For example, SeaZone Temporal Viewer enables the access, presentation and export of tidal data (including an ADCP Processing Suite) and for this to be viewed and analysed within its geographic context. Garry J Dawson, Head of Data at the UKHOâs Maritime Environmental Information centre commented: "We have been looking for an efficient, easy means of processing large quantities of ocean data, without the overhead and risk of having to develop our own software. SeaZoneâs ADCP Processing suite meets our current needs while providing the flexibility we require to improve the way our data is processed and stored in the future.âPictured above: The software has been developed with a modular architecture to support all steps in the analysis of oceanographic time series and transect data from the editing of acquired data through to the production of final plots for output to printer or file

Author: Source: Carmargue Corporate & B2B Communications

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