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Surveying as an E-Government Process

By [email protected] - 15th December 2006 - 11:54

With the âMobile electronic application and process flowâ, Brandenburg has integrated the complete administration process of the segmentation with all involved persons, from applications to the final notification. The target of surveying a land parcel and transfer the result directly and online to the Real Estate Cadastre has been successfully realized according to the e-government specifications of the Federal State. AED-SICAD and ARC-BERLIN were partners during the conceptual design of the pilot project which is unique in Germany up to now. The AED-SICAD standard products 3A Editor Mobile / Professional and 3A Server as well as mobile devices form the platform for the ALKIS-conform (ALKIS = Official Real Estate Information System) real-time scenario, with which the Geodata can be efficiently captured, edited online and exchanged safely.
During the presentation on November 23, 2006 in Potsdam, State Secretary of the Interior Hans-Jürgen Hohnen emphasized the extraordinary merit and exemplary character of the system:"Following the digitization of the real estate maps and the online real estate viewing system as well as the online shop Geobroker, this is a further milestone within the realization of a modern end user friendly administration in Brandenburg. Surely, the result is also interesting for other Federal States that are working on the optimization of the administration processes.â Apart from the Surveying Office of Brandenburg as ordering party as well as the Ministry of the Interior of Brandenburg, which took over the project management due to the special emphasis on e-government aspects, the City of Frankfurt/Oder and a selected publicly appointed geodesist are part of the project. AED-SICAD as prime contractor provides the project manager on contractor side and is responsible for the integrated specification of the selected business process and its realization by means of AED-SICADâs product line for Land Management.ARC-BERLIN, which is a close partner of AED-SICAD, also beyond the cooperation within this project, brings in its expertise in surveying tasks. Apart from testing the field device in Frankfurt/Oder under real time conditions, the focus of the joint project lies on the realization of the digital survey plan, the electronic documentation of the borderline definition and its protocol as well as the integration of the calculation component 3A Survey into AED-SICADâs product line for Land Management. The functionality of the solution was presented as a showcase of the segmentation of a land parcel, which is one of the prevalent business processes. The term âsplittingâ or âdivisionâ refers to the new legal condition of the parcel in the real estate register.âSegmentationâ, however, describes its properly geometric division. Thus, this is a typical task involving the surveyor in the field / in the office, the cadastre office and, of course, the citizen as client. Within this pilot solution, the surveying party, in Brandenburg frequently the publicly appointed geodesist, is using the AED-SICAD application 3A Editor Mobile on a tablet PC. With this, the field crew can perform the complete ALKIS-compliant data capture and object creation on-site.The cadastre office works with 3A Editor Professional for data qualification and update and 3A Server for data management.This represents the entire segmentation workflow in the 3A environment and shows the interaction of the product components. Real data are exchanged via Internet; the local procedure of the âVirtual post officeâ allowing a legally allowed data transfer in the frame e-government specifications. The legally binding dispatching of the surveying documents with confident personal data and certificates provides legal certainty by employing the qualified electronic signature. Up to now, the project in Brandenburg is unique in Germany and thus has a model character for other federal states. State secretary of the Interior Hohnen says: âThe integrated electronic process from filing a petition via surveying until the information of the parcel owner clearly helps to accelerate the investment in the State.â

Author: Andrea Schmitz

Bio.: AED-SICAD Aktiengesellschaft

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