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Russian forests space monitoring results

By [email protected] - 2nd April 2007 - 07:12

On march 10-15, 2007 the 18th Session of the Committee on Forestry of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN was held in Rome, Italy. Head of the Russian Federal Forestry Agency Valeri Roshupkin delivered his report during the session. The session participants were informed for the first (Russian joined the FAO only in 2006) about the condition and prospects of the forest complex development in Russia and about the results of the large-scale Russian forest aerospace monitoring campaign as per the state forest inventory program in 2005-2006.
Image of industrial logging areas in Khabarovsk Territory, SPOT-2, acquired on March 20, 2006 under the state program of space monitoring of illegal logging and forest inventory.

Valeri Roshupkin said that âa technology and a system of continuous automated satellite-based forest monitoring and change detection have been developed in Russia. A unique archive of satellite images of middle and high resolution of the Northern Eurasia has been piled up and keeps on replenishing for this purpose. Within the frames of the partnership of the Russian scientific and public organization, a âtransparent worldâ initiative has been created and is successfully developing, providing for an access towards this information to all interested communities. A satellite technology has been worked out to detect the condition of the oldgrowth forests of high environmental valueâ.V. Roshupkin said in his report that âthe Russian scientific and engineering centers are ready for the introduction of new technologies, allowing for real-time detection of forest areas location, their size and changes using satellite images.â The official statement âRussian remote sensing technologies for forest monitoring», submitted by the Head of the Russian Federal Forestry Agency to the FAO session participants, shows how the ScanEx R&D Center was involved in the program of remote monitoring of forest use, including the creation of a network of ground receiving stations, setting up for a complete coverage of the Russian territory with high resolution data and provision of the forest monitoring centers with image processing software. One of the authors of this document was the ScanExâs leading expert in forest project A. Maslov (the statement text is available at: Backed up by the practical success of using space monitoring technology in the forest sector, the Russian delegates advanced the initiative to create an International Educational, Scientific and Production Center on Forest Monitoring and Condition Assessment in Russia under the auspices of FAO. Such a Center can be established based on the Russian forest space monitoring system (with its centers in Moscow, St-Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk) with due account for the existing plans within the frames of cooperation between Russia and World Bank. V. Roshupkin believes that with the motivation of the partners such an international center can start operating in 2007-2008.

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