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Real-time fleet visibility

By [email protected] - 10th August 2006 - 16:00

Cybit, the UKâs leading online telematics service provider, has announced an order for Fleetstar-Online from Amber Langis, a specialist in portable and temporary traffic control, and the largest suppliers in South East England.Amber Langis will use the system to increase productivity through improved operational control. Fleetstar-Online will enable Amber Langis to reduce response times, and meet time-critical SLAs set by clients including Scotia Gas Networks, which requires a two hour response for many of its call-outs.
Fleetstar-Online is an Internet-based fleet and asset management solution, which allows managers from any of Amber Langisâs ten different depots to see and use the same fleet information. Amber Langis will be able to identify the nearest engineer to a call-out, which avoids inefficient routing of drivers and provides better customer service. Fleetstar-Onlineâs historical reporting capability can also be used to verify Amber Langisâs attendance at locations, which is essential in meeting SLAs for out-of-hours and weekend work.âOur business operates from ten different depots, and co-ordinating between them all effectively is a mounting pressure if we are to become more productive,â commented Geoff Maxsted, Director, Amber Langis. âWe need to optimise our response times so we can meet our SLAs with companies such as Scotia Gas Networks, which we can now do by identifying the nearest van available to go to the site. We can also use this visibility to optimise our fleet driversâ journeys so that we can become more productive and cost-efficient.âHaving implemented Fleetstar-Online, not only are we able to fulfil our existing contracts with more precision and efficiency, but we can also use these tools as differentiators when we tender for new business. We can demonstrate to prospective customers exactly how we can meet their demands, and the ways in which we can guarantee a rapid response and effective service. This builds a level of confidence that we will get the job done to a high standard.ââThis kind of service sector is another area where telematics and Cybitâs added value solutions are proving to be an increasingly essential tool for business efficiency,â added John Wisdom, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Cybit. âBeing able to manage your entire fleet against short response times and tight service level agreements is a continual challenge. Using Fleetstar-Online as an effective tool for SLA reporting can prove to be a real business benefit for companies such as Amber Langis.âFleetstar-Online is Cybitâs scalable Internet-based fleet and asset management solution that provides organisations with precisely the level of telematics functionality they require, while also ensuring an easy upgrade path so that it can evolve to meet changing business needs. Fleet vehicles are fitted with a small electronic in-vehicle-unit (IVU) which is tracked by GPS in real-time and then transmits data to Cybitâs online control centre. It provides companies with a cost-effective ASP-based fleet management solution, which offers users anytime, anywhere access to the system via a standard web browser.

Author: Duncan Burford

Bio.: IBA - PR for Cybit

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