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Public-Private Partnerships; How to make them work

By [email protected] - 18th October 2006 - 09:30

Danuta Hübner: âPublic-Private Partnerships; How to make them work?â(17 October 2006) Regional policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner said that public-private partnerships (PPPs) can deliver public infrastructure and services and at the same time bring into the projects business culture oriented towards efficiency, quality and economic viability.
In her speech during the Open Days 2006 at the Scottish-Polish house in Brussels, the Commissioner noted that the design of proper legal framework and of contractual arrangements is crucial to make public private partnerships live up to their potential. This, she added, is the role for Member States while it is up to the regions and cities to use these arrangements in practice.More at the link below.

Author: EU Commission

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