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“PhoToPlan – Measuring within photographs“

By [email protected] - 15th January 2007 - 09:36

The PhoToPlan software developed by kubit GmbHhas been available since fall 2006 in the new version 4.0.
PhoToPlan is a software that allows the rectification of digital or digitalized photos and plans to scale directly in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.The rectification is carried out with reference values that are taken at the photographed object. With PhoToPlan photos and objects can be rectified in such a way that they can afterwards be used as image plans. In CAD programs area and linear dimensions can be taken directly from the corrected photo.PhoToPlan is fully compatible with AutoCAD 2007and AutoCAD 2007 LT, and version 4 is available in a German and an English version.PhoToPlan is used by architects, monumentconservators, construction scientist or restorers in all areas of inventory surveying.Typical applications are images of facades, but also images of murals, artfully decorated ceilings or floors.PhoToPlan uses digital or scanned photos as well as reference information of the object to be captured.These reference measurement values allowPhoToPlan to determine and correct the perspective distortion in the image.Distortions due to the lense geometry of the camera used can be corrected with the measurement values. This permits the use of simple cameras and wideangle lenses.Merging images into a âpanoramaâ is also possible while an Alpha-blending function provides for the smooth crossover at the image joints. The integration into AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT respectively allows a variety of evaluation and visualization possibilities. Additionally, PhoToPlan provides commands for the distance and height dimensioning.The rectification itself does not require special know how in potogrammetry. The user is lead to the result in a few simple steps.Besides improvements in detail the definition and management of rectification planes have been revised in version 4. A user friendly wizard leads the user through the definition of these planes step by step.Image merging, image editing and the settings for rectified and merged images have also beenenhanced with new functions. PhoToPlan can be tested in a four week trial period free of charge. For further information about Fair and event dates:Leica Tour 2007⢠Munich - 12 February 2007⢠Würzburg - 13 February 2007⢠Eschborn - 14 February 2007⢠Karlsruhe - 15 February 2007⢠Stuttgart - 16 February 2007⢠Hamburg - 26 February 2007⢠Hanover - 27 February 2007⢠Weimar - 28 February 2007⢠Dresden - 1 March 2007⢠Berlin - 2 March2007⢠Wildeshausen - 5 March 2007⢠Dortmund - 6 March 2007⢠Cologne - 7 March 2007SPAR 2007⢠26/27 March 2007, Sugar Land, Houston, Texas

Author: kubit

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