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Oracle Accelerate Program Speeds Time-to-Value

By [email protected] - 8th January 2007 - 11:16

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) have traditionally been reluctant to adopt cutting-edge applications and technologies that their larger rivals use for competitive advantage. With the launch of Oracle Accelerate this fall, Oracle is leveling the playing field.
To help eliminate the risks long associated with the adoption of enterprise applications, Oracle Accelerate aligns three key elements: product and industry bundles, rapid implementation tools, and an unparalleled partner network. Together these three elements enable Oracle Accelerate customers to avoid the problems that compromise return on investment, including complex configurations, slow implementation, and costly upgrades and maintenance.Three Keys to SuccessWorking with the partner community, Oracle has identified 80 product and industry-specific bundles that enable companies to take instant advantage of Oracle's enterprise applicationsâwithout sacrificing flexibility or functionality. Industry bundles integrate best-practice business flows across the front and back offices to drive key, best-in-class, industry-specific processes.To speed implementation, Oracle Business Accelerators enable automated setup of end-to-end, best-practice business flows. An easy-to-use setup tool captures day-to-day responses to simple questions about specific business requirements, and then automatically applies your business rules to the application. Once a customer has completed the questionnaire, a newly tailored instance can be up and running in hours. The results: decreased cost and risk, and faster time-to-value.Oracle partners, including trusted resellers, offer deep industry expertise and knowledge to ensure implementation best practices. And now the Oracle PartnerNetwork portal offers self-paced education courses that train partners on a wide range of Oracle products, providing support for evolving business processes, so you can remain competitive in your marketplace.Oracle's Renewed CommitmentOracle is uniquely positioned to provide a complete, integrated, and cost-effective solutionâfrom enterprise applications and middleware to hardware and partner services. These synergies drive down costs, simplify implementation, and accelerate time-to-value, opening new opportunities for companies with limited budgets. "Oracle has long been a trusted partner for small and medium businesses, and we have developed a wealth of knowledge to help facilitate the unique needs of that market," said Oracle President Charles Phillips, introducing the new program at Oracle OpenWorld 2006. "The introduction of Oracle Accelerate expands on our experience in this market, and makes it faster and easier for customers and partners to leverage Oracle's leading enterprise applications."

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