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Océ Moves to Cut Transport Costs

By [email protected] - 13th July 2006 - 13:15

Océ is looking to further cut transport accident costs and increase employee safety by enrolling hundreds of company drivers in psychometric-based driver training programmes.
The innovative training programme is part of a larger continual campaign with Peak Performance, award-winning driver training and risk management company, to reduce accident related company costs, which have already saved Océ an estimated 120,000 Euro in the last five years.Océ operates a UK company car fleet of 530 and has 6,000 vehicles in 14 other countries across the world. With so many vehicles, even minor traffic accidents can become a major expense. Cranfield University in conjunction with Peak Performance has developed the DriverMetrics Fleet Driver Risk Index. The behavioural based training session targets drivers’ ability to identify and change their more risky driving habits.Assessment results allow Peak trainers to aid Océ drivers, teaching them to recognise, manage and change the aspects of their current driving behaviour that put them at risk behind the wheel. It’s a simple yet powerful concept and is one that has proven to show success.Colin Jones, fleet services coordinator of Océ UK said: “The online risk assessments will help identify our drivers’ attitudes to driving risk, while the behavioural-based training will allow them to gain a better understanding of themselves, how they approach driving and what they might need to change in their behaviours.I have taken the assessment myself and am convinced it can play a key role in reducing accidents.”Peak Performance managing director James Sutherland adds: “These latest training initiatives go far beyond the traditional skills based training, delivering long lasting positive changes in driver performance and safety, and producing results that are measurable and quantifiable.We are delighted that Océ has already seen a tangible benefit of our training initiatives and we are confident that the new psychometric-based driver training programmes will further improve its employees’ safety.”

Author: Océ

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