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NAV08 – We Are Here

By [email protected] - 16th December 2008 - 12:44

The conference was held at Church House, Westminster, London, at the end of October 2008. The topics covered a wide navigational spectrum with presentations on major applications for maritime, aerospace and ground vehicle navigation. Two rich days of technology and infrastructure issues and debates including those concerning eLoran, GNSS and other associated systems.The event also included eLoran Training Day exploring many aspects of eLoran.
It was always going to be a great match. The longstanding support the RIN has given to the implementation of eLoran as a backup to global satellite navigation systems (GNSS) meant that when it came to finding partner organisations for this yearâs NAV conference, the International Loran Association (ILA) and the General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) couldnât have been bettered.With an overwhelming focus on the current and future state and uses of eLoran throughout the whole of this yearâs conference, the time was right to extend the traditionally three-day NAV conference with an extra one-day eLoran event, sponsored by the GLAs and organised by the RIN. Covering everything from policy to propagation, and from signals to integration with GNSS, it featured a host of experts including Immediate Past President of the RIN,Professor David Last, and on the day, waspacked out with delegates.



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