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MetOp Launch Re-Started for Today

By [email protected] - 18th July 2006 - 08:34

Status at 10 h before launch. Launch countdown has restarted for a launch at 18:28 CEST (16:28 UT, 22:28 Baikonur local time).
The launch abort on 17 July has been diagnosed as due to an incorrect parameter in a ground test procedure to provide final calibration verification of the inertial platform. The error has been corrected and verified on a reference platform, then tested OK on MetOp launcher vehicle. A full dry run retest of launcher with simulated launch time of 14:30 local is in progress. Confirmation will be provided at 11:00 CEST (15:00 local time) after which the launcher countdown will then enter normal sequence. Meanwhile the satellite preparation has started and weather conditions are good.Image: Roll-out to the launch pad Credits: ESA - K. Büchler

Author: ESA

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