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Land and Sea - Talking with SeaZone

By [email protected] - 5th February 2009 - 08:27

Dr Mike Osborne talks to us about the challenges facing the marine environment and coastal zone community and comments on SeaZoneâs continuing focus to promote, develop, deliver and support increasing demand for off the shelf marine geographic information ahead of the companyâs 5th birthday later this year.
Geo: There appears to be a lot of change happening in the marine environment â why is this important to the GIS community?MO: Yes there are some very interesting and challenging times ahead resulting from increasing demand for offshore renewable development, mitigation of climate change and calls for better protection of the rich biodiversity of our seas. Emerging legislation, such as the Marine and Coastal Access Bill, will address the need for delivering more effective and sustainable marine management.Underpinning these changes is the increasing and overriding recognition of the importance of best available marine data and information, together with appropriate tools and expertise. geographic information systems (GIS) and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) are seen as vital to securing effective management, analysis and interpretation of data, essential to understanding our marine environment and deliver better science and improved evidence based decisions.To Download the full interview see EDITOR\'S CHOICE BELOW

Author: SeaZone Solutions Ltd


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