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Intermodal Transport across the Alps with SPIN-ALP

By [email protected] - 18th February 2008 - 10:52

New SPIN-ALP research project explores the potential of shifting freight from road to rail. PTV takes charge of SPIN-ALP research project and develops software for intermodal transport planning. The project started in December 2007
The research project SPIN-ALP (Scanning the Potential of Intermodal Transport on Alpine Corridors) started on December 1, 2007. PTV AG with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, isin charge of the German project team. The programme\'s aim is to encourage transalpine freight traffic to be shifted from road to rail. PTV is developing an innovative software tool which will allow shippers and transport service providers to analyse and plan the use of intermodal transport solutions.The SPIN-ALP consortium consists of transportation experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They analyse and enhance specific processes and methods for intermodal transport planning in the Alpine region. SPIN-ALP is a provider-independent model designed to help shippers and transport service providers to analyse and optimise their transport networks by using intermodal transport solutions, if possible. PTV is developing a software for this application, which will be used and tested in real-life scenarios. The solution is based on the experience and knowledge gained from participating in the EU-funded SPIN project (Scanning the Potential of Intermodal Transport). This has resulted in the development of PTV IntermodalGuide.The software offers many new and enhanced functionalities, interfaces and algorithms that are specifically designed for transalpine freight transport. This technical innovation helps freight operators to analyse and plan the use of intermodal transport options. A robust, modular development platform has been chosen to provide future customers with a flexible, low-cost solution.The comprehensive approach allows logistics companies to handle all transport network analysis and planning processes using one system. This includes exploring the potential of shifting freight from road to rail, provider-independent screening of services, the entire planning process - from general to detailed planning - and implementation support. SPIN-ALP provides software, consulting and process planning services, and thus makes it easier for logistics companies to analyse, plan and visualise intermodal transport chains.24 per cent of freight moving across the Alps in Austria goes by rail, compared to 66 per cent in Switzerland. The project\'s aim is to help logistics companies to seize the full potential of shifting freight transport from road to rail. It is essential to include intermodal options in the planning process at an early stage so that cargo is moved off the roads onto rail before they pass the Austrian or Swiss borders. Switzerland wants to promote a complete shift of freight transport from road to rail. And SPIN-ALP\'s goal is to considerably increase the proportion of rail transport in the Alpine region.About SPIN-ALP.SPIN-ALP is a project of the European research initiative EUREKA and is funded by Germany\'s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology aspart of the research programme \"Intelligent Logistics in Freight Transport\". The project started on December 1, 2007 and is scheduledto be completed by May 2009. PTV, the transportation experts, is in charge of the German project team. The Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Technologies for the Logistics Service Industries (ATL) from Nuremberg/Germany, Econsult GmbH and ZTL Schulungs- und Beratungs GmbH, both from Vienna/Austria, Rapp Trans AG, Zurich/Switzerland, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology from Zurich are also members of the SPIN-ALP consortium.More informationFor more information about the project please contact Marcel Huschebeck, SPIN-ALP Project Manager at PTV Germany, [email protected]

Author: PTV GmbH

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