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Home Group maps anti-social behaviour

By [email protected] - 13th July 2006 - 20:27

John Allinson, Neighbourhood Service Manager for Home Group Housing Association, describes how dataMAP GIS software has been instrumental in mapping Anti-Social Behaviour across his region.
Home Group was founded in the 1930s, and after several name changes became the large housing association it is today, with over 54,000 properties. In 2001 Home Group received funding for Neighbourhood Wardens in Sunderland.The Neighbourhood Wardens department within Home Group were tasked with monitoring anti-social behaviour and realised that with between 400-500 incidents on one estate, a pictorial representation of the anti-social behaviour would be much easier to analyse.SIA offered a easy-to-use and cost effective solution to show all the anti-social behaviour as a layer of information over a backdrop of digital maps. SIAâs dataMAP GIS product has been instrumental in restructuring the North East region, due to the geographic visualisation of the dispersement of properties.Return on investment has been good, as there have been savings on mileage costs due to better routes being calculated, and time savings as staff are using their time more effectively to see more properties.There are 19 neighbourhood assistants who deal with the aftermath of anti-social behaviour. dataMAP has been able to plot where it is happening before the complaints come in. When voids are added, correlations can be seen between them and the complaints. This leads to a increasingly joined up approach.⢠dataMAP is easy-to-use⢠A stable platform⢠Consistent methodology⢠Excellent support package from SIAJohn wants to start using dataMAP to ensure his department is more proactive rather than reactive. Correlating data can start to show geographic patterns of behaviour. By posting more neighbourhood assistants in the areas identified, the rate of anti-social behaviour will hopefully be reduced.Pictured: Example of how areas of anti-social behaviour can be plotted on a mapContributed by SIA Ltd (

Author: John Allinson

Bio.: Neighbourhood Services Manager, Home Group

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