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Going the distance: 30, 000 kilometres in 365 days

By [email protected] - 13th July 2006 - 20:28

In just one year, Midland Information Resources (MIR), a US provider of content management and digital print solutions, has printed over one hundred million feet, or 30,000 kilometres, with its Océ VarioStream 9210 continuous-feed digital press â thatâs over three times the distance between Munich and Los Angeles.
Midland uses the Océ VarioStream 9210 primarily for printing technical support manuals and courseware, bound in a variety of methods.The printing system can print whatever applications Midlandâs customers require, and has helped the Iowa-based provider shift much of its production volume from offset printers to lower-cost digital presses.We were looking for a solution offering cost efficiency and reliability as well as optimal quality,â says Randy Epkes, CEO of MIR Solutions. âThe Océ VarioStream 9210 enables us to deliver value-added products to our clients fast. Our partnership with Océ gives us the opportunity to lead our clients into the future with fresh, innovative ideas to help them differentiate their offerings.âThe Océ VarioStream 9000 seriesThe Océ VarioStream 9000 series is a versatile family of continuous-feed printing systems equipped for tough print challenges. Enterprises can begin by investing in a basic solution and gradually upgrade functionality as and when they need it. Able to handle a broad range of applications, the Océ VarioStream 9000 series are all versatile performers, equally at home with service providers and repro companies as in banks, insurance companies and public

Author: Oce

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