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EarthMap Solutions Award

By [email protected] - 14th August 2006 - 08:19

EarthMap Solutions, LLC, was presented with the 2006 Cornerstone Award in the “Small Technology Company” category by The Longmont Area Economic Council (LAEC). The award honors EarthMap Solutions for its excellence among new and expanding technology companies in the Longmont area.
“Our team has worked incredibly hard over the last year to create and deliver information products that make a real difference for our customers, so this recognition from the LAEC means a lot to our entire company,” said Greg Knoblauch, president and CEO for EarthMap Solutions (EMS). “We look forward to working with the Longmont business community for years to come.”EarthMap Solutions was launched in early 2005 to develop, sell and deliver cost-effective, innovative and accurate information products that bring new remote sensing imagery applications to customers in the agricultural, environmental and forestry markets that make critical land management decisions.In addition to an unrivaled image library, EarthMap Solutions leverages 10 years of valuable intellectual property and calibration techniques to turn land data into effective decision-making tools. The company’s product line includes:Tree and Vine Grading Product – Developed for fruit and nut growers, this cutting-edge solution can analyze the health of individual trees or small clusters of vines within an orchard or vineyard.Through a combination of high-resolution satellite or aerial imagery and proprietary analysis processes, EarthMap Solutions color-calibrates imagery data for ease of analysis, allowing for the determination of management zones and the identification and analysis of various issues including vegetative health, irrigation management and harvest management. YieldTrax™ – This historical yield management solution helps producers and land managers assess past crop production of a specific field to more effectively plan higher output for future crops. Combining archived satellite imagery with proprietary data set analysis, YieldTrax makes it possible for the first time to capture accurate historical yield data on any field for any growing season over the past five years. AgroWatch™ Green Vegetation Index – This index helps users spot potential problems in dense, unwalkable crops, even under conditions where other indices cannot measure vegetative differences because of an existing crop canopy. AgroWatch™ Soil Zone Index – The Soil Zone index gives growers a ground-level view of the soil, even through vegetation early in the growing season. Calibrated images show the soil surface of a field, including irrigation patterns, sand streaks, clay lenses, and organic matter and crop residue variations.AgroWatch™ Color Infrared Maps – Similar to infrared photographs, these maps allow growers to quickly understand the general status of crops, depicted in varied hues based upon light reflectance of vegetation.AgroWatch™ Scout Aide – Provides a calibrated measure of two different Green Vegetation Index maps on two different dates, giving customers a quantitative picture of the level and rate of vegetative change over the entire field or region of interest.AgSense Variable Rate Pix – This tool helps growers determine at what level and where to apply Pix, a vegetative growth inhibitor for cotton crops, to ensure maximum yields.AgSense Canopy Density Maps – These maps show the vegetation density of the tree or vine canopy, which significantly impacts yield and its quality, to aid in crop analysis.AgSense NitroTrax – This map help growers determine at what level and where to apply nitrogen to help optimize crop production.

Author: Gina Seamans

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