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Chita-Khabarovsk auto route by space images

By [email protected] - 21st December 2006 - 18:37

In 2006 the ScanEx Center implemented the state contract for Rosavtodor (Federal Highway Agency) to develop the GIS data for the Chita-Khabarovsk auto route.
The ScanEx Center obtained a complete multi-temporal coverage of the entire length of âAmurâ federal road (over 2100 km) with high resolution space images. To ensure the full coverage, the stations of the ScanEx commercial network in Irkutsk and Magadan have been receiving SPOT-2/4, EROS-A and IRS satellites data in 2006. In all, 87 clear-day scenes of SPOT-2/4 images were used to ensure a comprehensive multi-temporal coverage of the road with updated images. LANDSAT and IRS archived images of ScanEx were also used to the comparative analysis of the road construction progress.As a result of data array processing of MODIS images, received using the EOStation technique, a GIS-layer of fire hazardous sections of the âAmurâ road was developed. The most fire hazardous areas of the âAmurâ federal road were detected in 2006 (Sivaki, Shimanovsk, Svobodny, Zavitinsk areas), where the smoke can bring to poor visibility. The accuracy and reliability of the results of on-line automatic fire detection using MODIS data has been proved by comparing this data with the fire-sites location according to high resolution SPOT data. The received images became the basics of the target GIS data of the âAmurâ road being created for the practical use by the management. Images can also be used for the development of different geospatial end-products, such as updated maps of the âAmurâ federal road right-of-way.

Author: Anna Golovina

Bio.: ScanEx

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