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BlueSky maps thermal hot spots in Kirklees

By [email protected] - 27th October 2006 - 08:04

BlueSky, the aerial survey specialist, has produced a detailed 'hot spot' map of nearly every property in Kirklees. The infrared imagery shows the 'temperature' of individual buildings highlighting those with high heat loss. This information will be used by Kirklees Metropolitan Council to identify groups of properties with poor insulation for remedial action and also to meet government targets for increasing energy efficiency and energy conservation reporting.
BlueSky captured the thermal survey earlier this year using an airborne thermal infrared sensor, which is a modified version of the technology used by the military for night vision.The survey, which captured over 200 sqkm of the Kirklees urban landscape, which is located in the centre of Britain bordering the Pennines, was flown mid evening in order to capture the widest variations in temperature which can occur as a result of poor insulation of buildings. BlueSky supplied the Council with a thermal photomap providing an instant snapshot of hot spots by colour coding temperature ranges. The Council commissioned the survey to help improve energy efficiency as required by the Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA). HECA responsibilities include an energy conservation report identifying measures to improve energy efficiency and to report on their progress.The thermal information will also support the council's pro-active work to tackle fuel poverty in the district enabling them to identify those residents most in need of energy efficiency measures. Kirklees Council are also working to achieve 'Warm Zone' status. Established in 2000 Warm Zones Ltd operate as a not for profit social enterprise to assist with the delivery of the government's fuel poverty eradication objective. "Prior to taking delivery of this survey we simply did not have access to this level of information. The ability to identify properties at the desk top will enable us to be even more pro-active with our energy efficiency programmes." said Sally Kelling, Energy Efficiency Officer in the Environment Unit of Kirklees Metropolitan Council. She continued, "The imagery is also a valuable tool, supporting our education programme by bringing to life energy related issues for our residents."

Author: Robert Peel

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