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Bechtel Tackles a Most Challenging Project

By [email protected] - 31st January 2007 - 11:48

Bechtel Corporation, one of the worldâs premier engineering, construction, and project management companies, is using Bentleyâs ProjectWise system to collaborate on the Jamnagar Export Refinery Project (JERP) in India. In both scope and complexity, the project rivals many of Bechtelâs previous exceptional accomplishments, including Hoover Dam, the Channel Tunnel, and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. JERP has a plot plan bigger than that of London and a target completion time of less than 36 months.
Bechtel is tackling this megaproject using engineering resources dispersed around the globe, including a design and engineering team of 2500 professionals in 10 design locations, 19 offices, and eight countries. In total, the project will employ more than 90,000 people during construction and call for the fabrication and installation of 109,170 metric tons of steel, about five million meters of varied size pipe, more than 4000 pieces of major equipment, and more than 110,000 isometrics. Connecting People and Information Across the Enterprise To successfully complete a project this vast in scope and widely distributed in so little time, Bechtel knew it would need unprecedented network connectivity, document access, and document control. The collaboration solution Bechtel selected for its 2D CAD file management was Bentleyâs ProjectWise.As described by Bechtel senior project personnel, âIn our decentralized model, technology that supports work sharing is absolutely vital. The business must be able to reliably move attached pieces of work around the globe. Different pieces of engineering must be integrated and linked seamlessly, even though the work is occurring in multiple locations. ProjectWise helps make this possible.â Nearly 1000 users in nine locations are employing ProjectWise to ensure that more than 50,000 drawings are available to the correct discipline at the correct location. With ProjectWise, the drawings can be worked on collaboratively, enabling designers in one location to view the results of design teams in other offices almost immediately. This means Bechtel can rapidly distribute the project work to the different locations in a much more granular way â by unit, by discipline, and even by drawing â as the needs of the project dictate.A key advantage realized by the project team is the ability to search for and find all files that were changed in the last week, and to cross reference the location of the files found with the location of the person who last changed them. This enables the JERP team to regularly reassess and redistribute their project content, optimizing productivity and reducing network traffic. Joe Croser, global marketing director, Bentley platform products, commented, âThis application of knowledge gained through querying a documentâs history enables Bechtelâs team to redistribute the content to âfollow the skillâ as the design process iterates towards construction.â Data Reuse an Added Benefit JERP is an expansion of the refinery that Bechtel built some 10 years ago for Reliance Industries. Once completed, this new project will roughly double the size of the original Reliance Industries site, creating the worldâs largest refinery complex. Using ProjectWise to track and manage data, Bechtel has been able to facilitate the reuse of more than 25 percent of the design and engineering information generated during construction of the original facilities. This has proved to be critically important in meeting the projectâs aggressive timescale.In addition, Bechtel has been able to use ProjectWise to coordinate and collaborate with Reliance Industries on the procurement of equipment and systems for the new facilities that match, as closely as possible, the equipment and systems used in the existing refinery. In many cases, reengineering has been required, which ProjectWise has also facilitated. The end result has been major time and money savings during construction, with significant and continued savings anticipated during operations.

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