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Baltic Sea Data Now Available

By [email protected] - 23rd February 2007 - 11:05

Finnish Institute for Marine Research (FIMR) makes its unique Baltic Sea information available to the public to promote Baltic Sea protection.The new data service offered by FIMR will enable scientists who are interested in the development of the Baltic Sea and other interested parties to make their own analyses. This increases the use of already collected Baltic Sea data and thus promotes Baltic Sea protection. At the same time, FIMR published â(FIMR) monitoring of the Baltic Sea environment: Annual report 2006â, which is the most recent analysis about the state of the Baltic Sea.
Image: FIMRFIMR published on its Services website a page about BMP monitoring data, where monitoring data collected by FIMR since 1979 is available in a searchable format. The material contains information about sea water hydrography and nutrients, such as temperature, salinity, oxygen level, chlorophyll, nitrate and phosphate levels. Monitoring data from the 16 main monitoring stations scattered all over the Baltic Sea is available to the public. FIMR monitoring data is used both for HELCOM status and indicator reports and for other monitoring of the state of the Baltic Sea.The state of the Baltic Sea has been monitored in Finland since the end of the 1800s. A joint monitoring programme for all Baltic Sea states was introduced in the 1970s, with the signing of the Baltic Sea protection treaty. FIMR has collected information annually about marine hydrography, nutrient levels, biological production and plankton, as well as benthic fauna. Concentrations of noxious substances have also been monitored.The importance of information about the state of the sea has increased continuously, e. g. the marine strategy of the EU requires evaluation and monitoring of the state of the Baltic Sea. The material published now contains approx. 140 000 hydrographic and nutrient observations from research vessel Arandaâs 1667 visits to the most important monitoring stations of the Baltic Sea.FIMR monitoring of the Baltic Sea: Annual report 2006 is available from the FIMR library or as a pdf-file download.

Author: Riikka Hietala - FIMR

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