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By [email protected] - 15th January 2007 - 16:59

FIG and UN-HABITAT have long worked together to forward the development and promotion of cutting-edge pro-poor land tools.
It is widely recognized that these tools must take into account the existing rural-urban linkages in order to promote development and poverty alleviation. For UN-HABITAT, land has been a key mandate since the agencyâs creation at the 1976 Vancouver conference on Human Settlements, and UN-HABITAT is now focal point for Target 11 of Millennium Development Goal 7; which aims to significantly improve the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by 2020. The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) and its partners, including the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), recognize that there is a lack of sufficient land tools with which to implement appropriate land policies for the rural and urban poor. In order to reach the target set in the Millennium Development Goals on slums, innovative approaches on providing security of tenure, not limited to or based on land titling alone, as well as pro poor land administration will have to be developed. Other aspects that need to be, and are being, developed are tools which relate to dispute resolution, land administration systems designed to include cost saving features and gender sensitive land laws. One of the priorities of the Global Land Tool Network is that every land tool must be gendered, an aspect which was reinforced by partners at the GLTN events at the Third Session of the World Urban Forum, held 19-23rd June of this year. At these events, partners stressed that amongst the innovative approaches to developing land tools, it is important to view land rights as existing along a continuum. GLTN is also coordinating the development of land tools in several new areas; amongst them Islamic land tools, and tools specific for post-conflict situations.Full article online:

Author: Dr. Lars Reutersward

Bio.: UN-HABITAT, Kenya

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