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3D Nature offers images for Earth Day 2007

By [email protected] - 18th April 2007 - 12:59

In honor of Earth Day 2007, 3D Nature wants to help the world get a better look at itself by providing free usage of our widely-recognized âUltimate Earthâ photorealistic 3D rendered images of the Earth from space. Free usage is available for any events, activities or publications relating specifically to Earth Day 2007, in print, video or web mediums.
This series of images features beautiful satellite images of the Earth showing each of the major continents as it would appear when viewed floating in space above the planet. Available both with and without cloudsat extremely high resolution, they are the perfect accompaniment for any Earth Day event. 3D Nature only requires a specific copyright and credit notice accompany each usage.Visit for details and to access the images.

For more information visit:

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