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Webinar: Geocortex 5 Series, the future

By GeoConnexion - 27th May 2020 - 10:16

18th November
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1 hour

How can existing Geocortex Essentials environments be migrated to the new 5 Series environment?

Join us in this webinar to find out key steps that are required to move from an existing Geocortex Essentials environment to an upgraded 5 series environment.

During this webinar we will be talking about some important steps that are required and some significant considerations to be aware of when planning your transition to the new Geocortex 5 series software.

As of March 2020 Geocortex, are offering a total of 9 software products so this is the perfect time to find out how best to approach your migration.

More than 1500 organisations world-wide have put their trust in the Geocortex technology, across a multitude of sectors including Government, Utilities, Transport and Energy. Join our webinar to learn why these organisations chose to grow with the Geocortex product portfolio, future proofing their investment with highly configurable, re-useable components that extend the ESRI stack.

This webinar is part of our free Geocortex education programme where we focus on one specific topic and dive deep under the covers to highlight a particular data challenge or solution. All of our historic webinars are published on just in case you missed a session, you can review it there… but if you join us on the live session you’ll have the opportunity to ask our expert presenter some questions around the topic.

In the meantime if you have any technical questions, or you’d just like a quotation for Geocortex, some training or a dedicated consultancy session from one of our Geocortex experts, just send us some details to [email protected] and we’ll be sure to get back to you.