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FME Desktop Introductory Training

By GeoConnexion - 20th July 2020 - 16:52

27 - 28 January
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2 days

Learn from the experts how to use the essential components and capabilities in FME through personal tuition in this two-day course, which includes extensive hands-on, problem-solving exercises.

This course is suitable for you if:

You are a new user of FME and need some formal direction in how to get the most from your investment

You didn’t have any time for training when you first started using FME and as a result you feel that you missed out on the fundamentals that could really help you to progress faster now

You’ve been using FME for a while but feel that there is more ‘capability’ that you can leverage from the latest version of FME

Your focus is more strategic rather than technical, but you’d like to understand more about FME’s capabilities to be able to influence colleagues or investigate where FME can assist you in streamlining processes in your business.