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UCPix4D 2021: From The Ground Up

By GeoConnexion - 14th September 2021 - 16:40

6th October
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10 am CET / 9:00am MT / 11:00am ET

The Pix4D User Conference 2021 is a worldwide event taking place over 24 consecutive hours!

The event is a chance for professionals, product developers, and Pix4D users to get together and talk about what unites them: using photogrammetry from the ground up. Whether you want to hear about the capabilities of terrestrial mobile scanning, or how the latest cameras are changing how we process data - we’ll discuss it all. There are events for every timezone, and material will be available afterwards, so you can refer back to the event after it has happened.

How will the event work? We will have talks by expert users, Pix4D product developers, and Pix4D trainers. You’ll hear about industries including inspection, public safety, and agriculture, and more. Take the chance to hear from fellow professionals around the world, and see how they tackled the challenges for your sector. When you hear from the Pix4D team, we’ll be sharing our vision for our products - what they are currently doing, what we believe they are capable of, and what we see in the future.

This is an event where we get to hear from you. Pix4D users are doing some of the most important jobs in the world, and we want to make those jobs easier. This Conference is a chance for everyone to reconnect after several years out of touch. Ask questions, attend forums, and discover applications you never knew were possible. Join us!