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Toulouse Space Week

By GeoConnexion - 30th August 2023 - 14:39

2 - 3 October
Cité de l'espace Toulouse
2 days

Toulouse Space Week is a BtoB event dedicated to the Space Industry. The participants meet through pre-scheduled business meetings that are validated and confirmed on the basis of justified requests. The event will gather: buyers looking for solutions from Purchasing, R&D and Innovation Department’s Representatives; Suppliers & Startups: Provide Goods and/or Services dedicated to Space Applications, Launch Vehicles, Satellites and Space related Technologies; Venture capitals & Investors: An amazing opportunity to be on the front line and meet the next New Space Companies; Space agencies: to promote cooperation between the European States involved in Space research and Technology.

MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO DEVELOP YOUR NETWORK: 400 participants - 5000 Pre-organised BtoB Meetings - 4 Networking activities - 20 countries

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