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Smart Nation Expo & Forum 2022

By GeoConnexion - 5th February 2021 - 11:23

27 - 29 September
Mitec, Kuala Lumpur
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Smart Nation Expo & Forum Exhibition and Conference which will be held from 16 to 18 August 2021 at the Malaysia International Trade And Exhibition Centre will be themed “Accelerating the Digital Economy”. It will be the landmark event that will signal Malaysia’s next economic leap into the next digital age that will transform the Nation.

The introduction of 5G will be a game changer, as it will usher in a new wave of change that will speed up the digitalisation of economies and drive growth. Nations are catching on this wave to make cities Sustainable, Efficient and Improve the Quality of Life of citizens. At the same time, by harnessing smart technology and applications and solutions through big data, connectivity and IoT, it will create new opportunities and add high value business and jobs.

The implementation and adoption of smart technologies together with the engagement of citizens will accelerate Nation-building and growth, while at the same time address the needs of citizens and solve challenges in society and urban communities.

Smart Nation Expo is the Centre for the introduction of the latest smart solutions and applications. It will serve as a platform for local and regional Government to showcase the Smart Cities initiatives and its vision of the future.

Smart Nation Expo, is the largest “Hybrid” Event on Smart Nation initiatives and technology in the region. It will bring together leading thought leaders, practitioners and city mayors from around the world in the Smart Nation Forum.

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