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Geometry Control In The Construction Industry

By Vic Andreou - 14th November 2022 - 01:30

30th November
1 Day


Real-life projects by Reconstructor software

Day: November 30th

Time: 4 pm (CET)

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Find out how the use of the correct software can make 3D scanning strategic for structure monitoring. Laser scanner acquisition has become very fast, in particular in civil engineering and construction projects, and an efficient post-processing workflow is a key point for the success of the monitoring job.

Reconstructor, one of the leading software in lidar data processing, contains a function, called Inspection, very useful and extremely effective for these purposes.

In this webinar, we'd like to discover the Inspection tool. This is a function for monitoring applications that allows the comparison of models (scan-to-BIM/CAD) and also the change detection over time (scan-to-scan). This tool reveals his efficiency in engineering and construction applications, and also in architectural fields.

Our guest Dániel Gáncs, CTO of GeoLink3D, is daily involved in geometry control activity and his experience will help us discover more about the opportunities we can catch thanks to this user-friendly tool.

We asked Dániel to share some of his real cases in different types of industries, underlining how they used this tool to get the specific results they needed and to develop a customized workflow.

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