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Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability

By Vic Andreou - 5th September 2023 - 17:51

13 - 15 November
Leonardo Royal London St Paul's Hotel
3 Days

Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability
Date: 13-15 November 2023
Location: Leonardo Royal London St Paul's Hotel

Event bio:
Be part of the 8th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability conference - the only armoured vehicle conference dedicated to survivability.

Collaborate across an unmatched 3 day programme - including an APS Focus Day.

Join forward-thinking protection experts to discuss the next generation of tools to counter the growing number of AFV threats.

150 + Attendees | 3 Day Conference | 35 + Sessions | APS Focus Day | 12 + Nations in Attendance | Dedicated Networking Opportunities | British Army Exhibition Stands

Check out the new brochure to find out more!

APS Focus Day - Monday 13th November

Building up the success of last year's event, we are thrilled to announce the return of our APS Focus Day.
Recognising the growing influence of UAVs on armoured conflict, this dedicated session will further empower your response to this novel challenge to AFVs.

Reasons to attend:

NEW: The Widest Line-up of Speakers Ever.
You will gain access to participants from across the globe, at the most senior military, government, and industry level. NEW for 2023: France, Italy, Republic of Korea

NEW: British Army Exhibition

NEW: Engineers and Programme Managers Discussing the Next Generation of MBTs
Black Panther K2 | Challenger III | Leopard II

NEW: C-UAS Experts
UK Joint Counter-UAS Office (JCO) | British Army Programmes Directorate.

NEW: Next-Generation Technology Development
Directed Energy Weapons for Active Protection | Additive Manufacturing

NEW: Open-System Architectures
UK Land Open systems Architecture (LOSA) | US Ground Combat Infrastructure Architecture (GCIA)

NEW: Non-Technical Aspects
Human Operator | Survivability as a Skill | Adapting Employment Doctrine to Lessons Learned | Acquisition Intelligence | Mission-Orientated Survivability

NEW: Survivability in Armoured Amphibious and Littoral Operations
US Marine Corps | Royal Marines | Royal Netherlands Marine Corps

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