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Coding & Automation Summit 2023

By Vic Andreou - 21st February 2023 - 18:39

16th May
Dubai UAE
1 Day

The 2nd Annual Coding and Automation Summit will deep delve into the best practices for using Low code/No code platforms for automating and streamlining critical business processes. The summit will be focused on exploring the ways in which these concepts intersect and impact the design, implementation, effect workflows, optimization of computing systems and network infrastructure, as well as the practical applications of automation in various industries.


· How CIO's can integrate AL/ML low code platforms to decode business obstacles

· Identify your automation priorities by building a strong collaboration between your IT Teams and business objectives

· Democratizing automation by leveraging BPM with low code initiatives to enhance operational productivity.

· Integrating enterprises low code application platforms with cloud services to drive critical business processes

· Attaining maturity in automated workflows and upgrading digital expertise in your organisations


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