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Asia-Pacific Power Supply Product and Technology Exhibition 2022

By Micki knight - 5th April 2022 - 11:52

10 - 12 August
China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangdong, China
2 Days

2022 Asia-Pacific Power Supply Product and Technology Exhibition (Power Supply Exhibition)

Date: August 10th-12th, 2022

Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangdong, China

Address: No.382, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China


With gathering the foremost power supply brands in China, Asia-Pacific Power Supply Product and Technology Exhibition, one of the largest and most influential power supply trade shows in China, is a strategic platform not only for domestic and international manufacturers to display their advanced power supply products as well as technology but also for professional distributors to import quality products. Having been held for a consecutive 11 years, the event is highly recommended by insiders, professional institutions and media at home and abroad and helps overseas power supply companies to find their first pot of gold in China!

China’s Power Supply Market & Industry Is Thriving!

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China predicts that the country’s power supply market will grow from 232.1 billion yuan in 2017 to another all-time high of 257.6 billion yuan by 2022. China is also home to 5000+ power supply manufacturers, mainly spreading across the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the region near Beijing.

Preview of Power Supply Exhibition 2022

Co-organized by the Power Supply Committee of Guangdong Lighting Association, Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and Shenzhen Association for the Development Promotion of Semiconductor Lighting Industry, Power Supply Exhibition is one of the leading trade shows for power supplies in China.

The 2022 show is expected to gather 500+ exhibitors on a 40,000 sq.m show floor. Soon after the 2021 show, dozens of old exhibitors have re-booked for 2022, such as Guangchengming Electronic, Sanhua, Gongrand Electronic, Jiangshanlai Electronics, Chengpeng Electronics, Fiyada Semiconductor, TianBaoLi Silicon Engineering, Jiaxun Electronic, Taiqinang Electronics, Lengtian Semiconductor, Anju Electronic, Yihengwei Electronic, Xumao Micro Technology, Fuxing Intelligent Equipment, Nanjing X-IPM Technology, Likewei Technology and etc.

Co-located Trade Shows

  • 2022 Solar PV World Expo (PV Guangzhou)
  • 2022 World Battery Industry Expo (WBE)

Exhibition Scope

  • General Power Products (switching power supply, power adapter, LED power supply, UPS power supply, etc. )
  • Specialized Power Supply Products
  • Power Supply Accessories (semiconductor, diode, triode, capacitor, resistor, fuse, etc.)
  • Electric Manufacturing Equipment and Auxiliaries
  • Electric Software's

If you don’t want to miss out on this grand event, then please mark its date and venue, and register for your free digital ticket now!

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