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Geo: International March 2013

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  • Australia’s the place

    Australia’s the place

    PSMA Australia’s system helps government and businesses adopt location-based thinking with a low-cost, easily implemented and straightforward framework. Lan Nguyen reports.

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  • National importance

    National importance

    Mobile GIS and apps give national mapping agencies a new chance to become providers of choice to developers. Ordnance Survey’s Chris McCormack explains how the organisation developed OS MapFinder and what it’s doing to offer its services to third-parties.

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  • Improve service with big data

    Improve service with big data

    Jonathan Chevallier, strategic development director at Cognito, highlights some of the ways geographic information and ‘big data’ can benefit an organisation that has workers in the field.

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  • From stone tablets to smart tablets

    From stone tablets to smart tablets

    Tablets finally offer utility workers true data mobility. But they’re not without problems for GIS users. We-do-IT’s Andy Lund explains how a new, OS- and GIS-agnostic app overcomes those difficulties.

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  • Mobile is new, mobile is exciting

    Mobile is new, mobile is exciting

    Matt Sheehan, a principal at WebMap Solutions, says mobile is changing rapidly - one day soon we may no longer be using the acronym GIS.

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  • Don’t get left outdoors

    Don’t get left outdoors

    The future of mobile location-based services lies in its rapid adoption of indoor technologies, argues Pole Star’s Christian Carle

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  • The art of noise

    The art of noise

    Sophisticated modelling and GIS datasets have helped to deliver strategic noise maps for Northern Ireland. AMEC’s Neil Thurston reports.

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