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  • A great feat

    A great feat

    New high-resolution, shallow-water topography maps for the entire Great Barrier Reef are a world-first and a critical step in identifying, managing, preserving and protecting what lies within the waters of this global biodiversity icon, explain Knut Hartmann and Magnus Wettle

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  • Proactive flood monitoring

    Proactive flood monitoring

    Warren Cartwright looks at how a combination of synthetic aperture radar imagery and a proactive approach to monitoring can provide first responders with critical information that can improve the decisions made when responding to a serious flood

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  • Remote sensing reinvigorated!

    Remote sensing reinvigorated!

    Smaller satellites, the efficient handling of vast volumes of data and data-processing over the internet are just some of the latest innovations affecting remote sensing. Alastair Graham looks into his crystal ball to see how the industry is likely to change as a result of these and other technological changes

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  • Ephemeral positioning

    Ephemeral positioning

    More and more apps want to know where users are, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad. Fredrik Beckman says now is the time to explore ‘ephemeral positioning’ to ensure only those who need to know get to know where we are – and only for as long as we want them to

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  • Weathering the storm

    Weathering the storm

    Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record and caused severe damage across the US. However, the city of Newport News was able to deal better with its effects better than most, thanks to its use of a GIS-centric works management solution, reports Lindsay Ferguson

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  • The search for the right path

    The search for the right path

    Web and mobile journey planners are real boons to modern travellers, but can they be improved? Sergey Markov and Anna Novgorodova surveyed passengers and analysed 35 systems from around the world to find out what journey planners are doing right – and what they could do better in future

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  • Trends in the Optical Commercial Remote Sensing Industry

    Trends in the Optical Commercial Remote Sensing Industry

    In the second of a two-part article, Kumar Navulur, Fabio Pacifici and Bill Baugh report on how the remote sensing industry is leveraging the latest technology to capture, process and distribute satellite imagery

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  • Boundary making

    Boundary making

    FIG has published a guide to help policy-makers settle boundary disputes peacefully. One of its editors, Haim Srebro, explains what it involves.

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