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  • Step by step

    Step by step

    Mary Lou von Wyl and Ajay Mathur show how automatic, incremental updating makes a significant difference to the consistency of map quality and the timeliness of maps and data
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  • Managing data, improving safety

    Managing data, improving safety

    Next-generation communications advances means that police call centres will have access to incredible amounts of new information from callers. Jim Dobbs explores how CAD and GIS systems can be used to improve police responses and collaboration with other agencies
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  • Predictive policing

    Predictive policing

    Police around the world are looking to exploit technology to improve service while budgets are being cut. Jeremy Heffner looks at how machine learning can be combined with geospatial technologies to predict where crimes will happen next
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  • Geospatial collaboration in the cloud

    Geospatial collaboration in the cloud

    The US government’s Ozone Widget Framework provides a way to combine geospatial visualisation and analysis services on the fly in an interactive environment. Patrick Collins explains how it works
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