Regional conference to share experiences on land information systems

Regional conference to share experiences on land information systems projects Uganda: 17-18th January 2013 - Secure land rights are vital to the reduction of poverty in emerging economies and enhancing economic development. With the support of international development banks several African countries have initiated the implementation of land information systems. But many countries still lack adequate information on land issues and effective land administration systems.

To help address this, IGN France International announced the international consortium currently engaged in the DeSILISoR project in Uganda (Design,Supply, Installation, Implementation of the Lands Information System and Securing of Land Records) is organizing a 2-day regional conference:

January 17th
Modernization of land administration and management systems
Implementation of land information systems (LIS): sharing experiences, innovations and good practices.

January 18th
“Land administration projects: IGN France International’s expertise and feedback”

Based on shared experiences and valuable best practices, this two day event has several objectives:

  • Highlight the link between land administration issues and economic growth
  • Present several LIS projects in Eastern African and see how by making land information available, they increase confidence of land buyers and stimulate the economy
  • Explore the common issues encountered during the implementation phase related to technical tools and processes, human resources, capacity building, and organization
Posted on: 21 November 2012 • 5:57pm

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