IDV Solutions Releases Visual Fusion Server 3.5

Lansing, MI – September 2, 2008 - IDV Solutions today released Visual Fusion Server 3.5 (VFS), the latest version of its visual composite application platform. …
Lansing, MI – September 2, 2008 - IDV Solutions today released Visual Fusion Server 3.5 (VFS), the latest version of its visual composite application platform. This release expands VFS’s ability to connect disparate data sources and empowers users with upgrades that make application building faster and easier.The release introduces new connectors for Oracle 10g and 11g and SQL Server 2008, enhanced support for Microsoft's Business Data Catalog, and the ability to convert existing SharePoint lists and libraries for use in Visual Fusion applications."Leveraging existing products and services is critical to building needs-driven, mission-critical composite applications,” explained IanClemens, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of IDV Solutions.“Visual Fusion Server empowers the enterprise to quickly stand up powerful applications that unite the best sources of data, and operations on the data, from resources internal and external to the organization. This capability creates tremendous competitive advantage for the organization that implements it.”In addition to the new connectors, the new VFS release extends the product's ability to connect to SharePoint and other data sources inseveral ways:• New Web parts provide a better integration of VFS and SharePoint search capabilities. • Imagery from IDV's Visual Fusion Tile Server can now be added directly to applications by adding the data link to a SharePoint list.• Where the previous release supported integrating point data through the BDC, the new release also allows users to integrate line and polygon data.With this ability to connect to virtually any data source or Web service, VFS 3.5 provides an ideal location intelligence platform for assembling mash-ups to answer urgent questions, and dashboards and portals for sharing GIS data throughout the enterprise.To streamline the process of creating these applications, the Visual Fusion Layer Organizer has also been upgraded and re-dubbed the Visual Fusion Composer. This powerful GUI automatically discovers available data layers from all sources, now including multiple views of SharePoint lists and libraries. Using its drag-and-drop interface, users can select and arrange layers, create layer groups, and style layers, all without writing a line of code. The GUI has been further enhanced with convenient expandable/collapsible folders and the ability to bring in lists and libraries from parent and child SharePoint sites.The result is a platform for creating compelling, interactive, actionable composites of data and services. Visual Fusion applications provide holistic views of complementary information within a rich, intuitive environment, all on top of a Virtual Earth base map.Using Visual Fusion Server, an organization can streamline everyday business processes by integrating their robust databases and Web services into one web portal. VFS enhances an organization's success by providing comprehensive data management and a consistent user experience, where users can explore new opportunities, reveal hidden value, and share original insights.For more information, contact:Scott Caulk, Product Manager, IDVSolutions, 517-853-3755 ext. 213

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