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Company Showcase - March 2015 and September 2015 (Spring & Autumn Editions)
The showcase provides companies with opportunities to showcase their products and services to our readers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia.  Latest Showcase.

GeoInnovation Product Showcase - Monthly
A monthly preview of trend-setting developments that exploit geospatial technologies and applications to improve our understanding of the world around us.

GeoConnexion International - Editorial Calendar 2015

Issue Technology Application Editor's Choice
Nov/Dec 14 Remote Sensing Utilities, Social Sciences, Archaeology Emergency Services
January 15 Surveying:  GPS, LiDAR, UAVs, Total Stations, etc. Civil Engineering, Building Surveys, Architecture, Urban Planning Agriculture
February Social Media Defence and Military, Geospatial Intelligence Focus on Europe
March Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry Oil and Gas, Energy, Utilities Inteoperability Standards
April Oceanology, Bathymetry Engineering, Manufacturing Focus on Asia
May Surveying:  GPS, LiDAR, UAVs, Total Stations, etc Mining, Geology, Energy Exploration Security and Cybersecurity
June Remote Sensing, Photgrammetry Transport, Planning , Emergency Management Focus on the Middle East
July/Aug Location-Based Services Agriculture, Meteorology, Land Survey Spatial Data Infrastructure
September Mobile GIS: Software, Handheld Devices, Apps Public Health, Emergency Services, Police Investigation Focus on Africa
October Surveying: GPS, LiDAR, UAVs, Total Stations etc. Defence and Military, Geospatial Inteligence Big Spatial Data
Nov/Dec Technology Convergence: Internet & Internet of Things, Visualisation, Virtual/Augmented Reality Utiliies, Social Sciences, Archaeology Enviroment (including Forestry, Environmetal mornitoring Climate Change)

GeoConnexion UK - Editorial Calendar 2015

Issue Technology Application Editor's Choice
Nov/Dec - 14 Big Data GIS in Business Regional Focus - Scotland
Jan/Feb - 15 Highways & Tranport Surveying Applications Central Government Applications & UK INSPIRE
March/April Emergency Services Local Government Applications Marine & Oceanographic
May/June Surveying Instruments Education & Training Aerial Remote Sensing
July/August Utilities Defence The Spatial Dimension of Infrastructure Protection
Sept/Oct Open GIS Surveying Case Studies Satellite Navigation
Nov/Dec Big Data Satellite Remote Sensing Innovation in Terrestrial Surveying