Artwork Specifications

Supplying Artwork

We can only accept artwork provided in high-resolution PDF (preferred), TIFF or JPG formats. Please see below for specification details, and for help creating suitable PDFs.

Advert Dimensions

Please check that your artwork size matches the correct ad size (shown below):

Advert Dimensions
Full Page* W210 x H297mm
Double Page Spread* W420 x H297mm
Half Page - Horizontal W182 x H120mm
Half Page - Vertical W90 x H260mm
Third Page - Horizontal* W210 x H95mm
Third Page - Vertical* W68 x H297mm
Third Page - Square W95 x H95mm
Quarter Page - Vertical W90 x H120mm
GEO:mart Column width 44mm

* Artwork will require 3mm bleed on each edge and include crop marks

Artwork Specifications

  • Images must be 300 ppi to ensure quality reproduction
  • All fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines
  • Any transparency must be flattened
  • CMYK only colour - do not include spot/special colours or RGB
  • 3mm bleed and crop marks (in Registration) are required on full-page artwork, or artwork that extend to the trim area of the magazine (such as Third Page - Horizontal and Third Page - Vertical ad sizes
  • Minimum stroke widths should not fall below 0.25pt
  • Total ink coverage must not exceed 310%. High coverages may cause set-off due to ink saturation
  • In the instance where multiple page files (such as multiple-page ads, cover wraps etc.) are to be supplied, these must be supplied as separate PDF files, making clear the order in which they should appear. 
  • In the event that the ads are to be run in sequence, it is essential that the correct sequence is made clear.

​Supply of Logos

  • Please supply logos as editable EPS files wherever possible, to ensure best reproduction in both print and online documents.

TIFFs and JPGs

  • TIFF files must be supplied at 300ppi resolution and without compression
  • JPG files must be supplied at 300ppi resolution

PDF Settings

In order to maintain quality and reliability of files, we require PDFs to conform to the PDF/X-1a settings (with high-res transparency flattening). We recommend you use the latest industry-standard production settings when producing your PDF artwork. The latest profiles are available as downloads from the GWG (Ghent Workgroup) website ( It is important that you only use the 'Magazine Ads' profile.

Incorrect Artwork

  • If a file is supplied incorrectly, we will attempt to fix the PDF (if possible) free of charge in the first instance.
  • If you continue to supply the PDF incorrectly and we are able to correct the advert, a charge of £80 will be made for the time spent in correcting the PDF.
  • If changes or amendments are made to your advert it will be sent for approval and it is essential that the advert is signed-off before the advert artwork deadline.
  • Please note that GeoConnexion or its suppliers take no responsibility for artwork that is supplied incorrectly.

Web Banner Artwork and sizes

Web Banner Sizes (pixel)
Leaderboard W728 x H90
Small Leaderboard W202 x H90
Large Right W300 x H250
Small Right W300 x H100
Central Area W580 x H100

Web Banner - File Formats

Acceptable file formats are:

  • Static pages:  gif or jpg image files
  • Animated pages:  animated gif
  • Maximum file size:  20K
  • Maximum amount of frames:  3

Sending Artwork:

  • Email (for files under 20 megabytes only): or, alternatively email your representative at GeoConnexion directly.
  • Please telephone us on +44 (0)1223 279 151 if you require any further information.

Need help producing your ad?

  • Our designers can also design your ad and/or make your PDF. Please get in touch for further information.